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Case studies

We’ve already helped several success stories get started. Here’s what our portfolio companies have said about us.


“It’s been a delight to work
with Almaral.”

”Fepod was looking for an early-stage investor with intensive knowledge in the field of diagnostics. Almaral, with its unique expertise and vast network of professionals, has proven to be the perfect fit for us.

Our primary goal was to secure the initial capital needed to launch our company and products. But the benefits of our collaboration have extended far beyond the initial seed funding. Almaral has stood behind our company and vision in later stages as well, providing crucial support and mentoring.

It’s been a delight to work with Almaral – direct and honest communication with strong vision on achievable business targets. Just the kind of partner every startup entrepreneur should have on their side.”

Jussi Pyysalo
CEO, Fepod


“Accomplished, straightforward, and transparent.

”Right from the start of our cooperation, Almaral’s straightforward approach made a strong impression. After the initial discussions, everything started happening rapidly, communication was clear, and our collaboration quickly took off.

Almaral possesses a unique hands-on expertise in the field of biotechnology and a proven track record in successful commercialization of products in our market. Through their personal experience, they can provide us with advice and guidance for the successful building of our business.

If I described Almaral in three words, they would be: accomplished, straightforward, and transparent.”

Kalle Koskinen
CEO, Genomill


“Almaral provides
a comprehensive solution.”

”Through our collaboration with Almaral, we sought expert insights into how to enter the market with a new health tech innovation and how to strategically carry out commercialization efforts.

The assistance we have received has been very positive and diverse. For instance, during our recruitment process, we received a tip about a candidate who turned out to be a perfect fit, and we subsequently hired that candidate.

It’s noteworthy how Almaral provides a comprehensive solution for health technology and biotechnology startups. The collaboration between us has been smooth and natural from the beginning, showcasing the experience, expertise, and broad networks of Almaral’s team.”

Samu Lehtonen
CEO, Marginum

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